I Love my team to the bones!

post by. Vinasyah 15th of Mei 2022

When life giving you a lemon, (don't make a lemonade), I'd say, "choose carefully who you want eyes to be squeezed in with". By saying this I really learn one of two things about myself. First, I would never in a million years understand untill I actually have a team. Second, I had a trust issues. As weird as it sounds, I know myself years back, wouldn't let anyone gets to me easily. Let alone having a team. Trust me, I can seem to be the craziest outgoing personality whenever I am, but to gain my trust, people would literally give up. And people have had given up.
I don't recognize myself when I finally decide, that was it! I gave up. I gave my whole power back to the almighty Allah, and I surrendered. I didn't want to carry this anymore, I wasn't capable enough to work this war all by self, and the irony, I always wanted to be amongst beneficial people, who devour helping others, who thrives giving benefits to people around me, but in doing so, I was contemplating between my trust issues and the value I claim to live. I just could not trust anyone handle the knowledge I have on me. I was that butt-headed! But long story short, in 2018, I had it enough of myself and I decided, I had to start somewhere. giving myself a credit that I did! I started to trust again. My husband was the only one pushed me around to learn about this simple act. Although, for some people, trust is absolutely easy. But for me, it was the hardest part of being me, trust me, I know me. But giving my self a chance to started out slowly, was probably the best thing I applaused myself a long the way. Small! But the impact is so big, I coulnd't even thank myself enough that I did. It was the first time, I know my small business is going somewhere big, and I always visioned that VNSY is going to give impact, not just gaining profit. I knew I wanted this! And by doing so, I realize, I wouldn't be able to do it alone. I would have to act upon my trust issues, and finally find someone else who also have the same vision, loving the brand, and literally love their work. ––––– So, I found 1 person. She's everything to me. She's not just our pro designer, she grew up with me. We grew up together with the brand itself! And I'm so grateful of her. She did not start from the biggest point of where she is today, in fact, I let her literally took control of her learning curve, which didn't sound so much like myself. I mean, really? learning curves took so much time, and I let her? If I was still wrapped around my own trust issues going around my head, instead of learning to take a deep breathe and let it out easily, I would absolutely saying good bye to her in a week! But, For once I knew I had to learn, like I said, start somewhere, starts small. Bit by bit, I learn to trust her. It was going to be really ashamed if my trust been broken again, when my trust was on the test, turned out, she sticks with the Brand for nearly 5 years now, that's how much my trust I invested paid off of me.

"It's easy pointing out a finger, and blame others on their wrong doing. But at the end, its always our own responsiblity to fill out the gap in between when trust is being broken."


Our, responsibility. My, responsibility

It doesn't matter how much you hurt in the past. You cannot stick to the past. You will always be in the present moment to embrace your future, hence, it calls a present. Its a gift given to you, everyday is your only chance. And If I hadn't broke out the rules of being me –who obviously was living in the past, I wouldn't be watching my team started to develop, from one person, to 10, and now, I have 20 more people I work with in my business. Its one of the greatest achievement for me in the past 5 years of my developing business, but its not just changing the range of the business, its also changing me.


me as someone new. Someone I proudly say, wiser. VNSY isn't about me, even tho it has my entire name on it obviously. But, no. VNSY is far beyond me. far beyond my drawing, my daily sketches, far beyond everything you come up in mind for a business brand. VNSY is about giving impact and share inspirations. I build VNSY out of trust issues I tried my best to fix, I build this small business, entirely risking my own only reason of existance. VNSY built out of deep deep desire of inspiration, sharing happiness, and sharing benefit the orphan houses. We're gladly work each and every day, a little breaking the backbones, yes, but glad. This is how I fell in love with my team. The vision and the value we're holding onto is far beyond friendship and trust. We're motivated to keep going on being the best to make the best design, and the only one muslim Brand having a similar backstory and endure in the same positive harmony. We want to always get inspired by different characteristic Brand has, and the outcome of it, benefiting so many others as well, which is the only reaason why we thrive. We love the smiles they're given eventually, feels like the void hasn't been so empty anymore. VNSY has a soul I could never understand the clarity of it, the massively deep and understandings, the loyality, and the trust Brand gives. All about VNSY is as good, as I couldn't personally understand, all about VNSY is about kindness, I could never reach in real life. All about VNSY is a trust, I'm still pretty much learning and get inspired with. All about VNSY is loving, caring, and supporting, all of us in the team, we hope to inspire these Brand to do just the same.

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